The Stations of the Cross were commissioned by St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Lancaster, PA and were completed in the Spring of 2005.

This commission gave me the opportunity to apply my own contemporary vision to an artistic form that dates back to the 13th century.

For both aesthetic and conceptual reasons, I felt it imperative to work with a variety of models—a total of eleven, culled from a wide range of ages and ethnicities. I wanted the narrative of Christ’s passion and death to be represented in a way that is tensioned between the “specific” and the “universal.” The mixture of models and the anonymity implied by the fragmented figures push the imagery toward representation of the human community in its universal aspect (often called in theological terms “the mystical body of Christ”).

All were cast from life into Hydrocal FGR 95 and are 24" square. Two sets were made: one resides permanently at the parish. The other set has been exhibited at Allegheny College in Meadville, PA; the Narthex Gallery at Saint Peter's Lutheran in NYC, and at the National Museum of Catholic Art and History (NMCAH).

Portfolio: Stations of the Cross