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Blaise Tobia and Virginia Maksymowicz

DETROIT 1982: TandM Arts: Studio - September 2014

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Blaise Tobia


Virginia Maksymowicz

Binary Codes
O.K. Harris, NYC: September, 2013
  Fragile Boundaries
DCCA: September 16, 2012
CAFA Museum, Beijing: September, 2012
  Circuitous Routes
Bronx Art Space: April, 2012
High/Low Density
Rowan University: May, 2012
  Previously Occupied
Art on the Avenue Gallery: October, 2011


Virginia Maksymowicz, Blaise Tobia and Eleanor Antin, 1975
photographed by Phel Steinmetz as part of Antin's performance "The King of Solana Beach"

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